Midland Machinery

The Road Widener Specialists

Model SP-8

The Midland Self-Propelled Road Widener features high production (up to 450 TPH) of gravel, dirt, cold-mix or hot-mix asphalt, and high mobility. Enabling a municipal project or a contractor to get the job done quickly and move to the next site fast.

Model SP-8

Single blade, single hydraulic conveyor motor, Converts left or right side spreading

Width: 11ft. 8in. Weight: 18,500 lbs.


Model SPD – 8

Switch from right to left hand spreading in minutes!

Two blades - right and left, with profile control cylinders Dual conveyor drive, right to left with the flip of a switch

Two variable height hopper discharge gates

Width: 12ft. 4in. (11ft.2in. Transport) Weight: 19,260 lbs.


  • Curved Blade Assembly for better material flow
  • improved column/push tube stability.
  • Front Wheel Drive and Steering Axle for improved traction and more pushing power.
  • Hydraulic Blade Extension (2 to 4ft.)
  • Control Panel, with Travel control, Conveyor on/off and belt speed, Engine stop, brake panic button, and positions for all available options
  • Roller Chain on the conveyor belt - positive drive - NO SLIP
  • Rubber Inner Edger
  • Vertically Adjustable Outer Edger Plate for clean edges



Length: 19ft. (5.8m)
Width: 11ft. 2in. (3.40m)
*For Transport
Height: 7ft. 10in. (2.38)
Weight: See above
Wheel Base: 110in. (279cm)


John Deere 4045D diesel, 80hp.@2500 rpm.
Hydrostatic Traction Drive,
Two Speed Trans, - Low: 0-150 ft/min (46m/min),
Travel: 0-11 mph (18km/hr)
Front Wheel Drive and Front Wheel Steering,
2 (front) 425/65r22.5 and 2 (rear) 11R22.5 Tires


Left or Right side Discharge,
Roller Chain driven, heat and oil resistant Belt,
Variable speed Hydraulic Drive
0 to 450 ft./min. (137 m/min)
Hopper: 3 cu.yd. (2.3 cu.m)


All Drive Steering, Brake and Spreading functions are within easy
reach. Moveable Control Station and Seat for Left hand or Right hand
operation. Locking Panel Covers and Tool Box


Modular sections with a curved profile, 18in. (46cm)tall,
Spread Width: 8ft. (2.44m) max,
4ft. (1.22m) fixed blade with a 2 to 4 ft. hyd. extend section.
Hydraulic Grade and Slope:
12in. (30.5cm) above to 12in. below grade.
Adjustable Outer Edger Plate
Flexible Inside Edger Flap
Variable length blade Push Tube with Blade Stablizer Brace

Push Rollers

Self cleaning, pivoting, with extendable frame to 14in. (35cm)

(Click images to enlarge)

Optional Features:

  • Trench fill Strike-off Box: levels material down to
  • 34 in. below grade
  • Hydraulically extending Push Rollers
  • Washdown System: electric pump, 20 ft hose / reel and nozzle
  • Electronic Slope Control: AGL Slope Sensor and EZ-Pave controller
  • Electronic Joint Match: AGL Sonic Ski and EZ-Pave controller
  • Lighting Package: head and tail lights and warning beacon
  • Broom Attachment: Sweepster – 32 in.dia x 10 ft.


Click here to download brochure

Click to download brochure

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Midland's 45 years of experience and over 1000 units produced make MIDLAND - "The Road Widener Specialist" 

Over 40 Dealers in North America with 100 locations allow service and support close to each Midland Road Widener user. 

From State DOT's to County Road Deptments and local DPW's, Midland can provide the right size machine to suit any Public Agency or Contractor.


Attachments to Self-Propelled units give the user more choices to get their work done. Fast to the job, fast on the job!

Company Information

Midland Machinery Co., Inc.
101 Cranbrook Ext.
Tonawanda, NY 14150
(716) 692-1200
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