Midland Machinery

The Road Widener Specialists

Optional Widener Equipment

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Variable width Hydraulic Extension Blade section (SP- 8 & SP-10, WA Attachment)
Variable spread width control from the operators seat. Strike-off from 24in.(base length) an additional 12 in. (1 ft. hyd. Extension assembly) OR from 35 in. to an additional 24 in. (2 ft. hyd. Extension assembly

Variable width Hydraulic Extension Blade section (SA & SP-6)
Variable spread width control from the operators seat. Strike-off from 24in. to an additional 12 in.
Washdown system (SP)
Electric pump, hand nozzle And 20 ft. Hose on a retractable reel
Trench fill box (SP, SA, WA)
Strike-off to 30" below grade. Available with an edge drain guide tube -keeps drain tube from getting crushed by aggregate
Hydraulically extended push rollers (SP, SA, WA)
Eliminates manually pulling out rollersto position different truck bumpers/dump Bodies at the widener hopper
Light package (SP)
Headlights, directionals, Tail-lights and warning beacon
Automated electronic Grade and slope control (SP, SA, WA)
AGL system - controls the grade and slope hydraulic cylinders to maintain an accurate profile to state and county specs
Universal loader adapter (SA, WA)
Fits a large range of loader armsand pin configurations
Powered broom sweeper (SP)
24in dia - 8 ft wide, variable speed, hydraulic position pivoting, hyd.lift cylinder
Adjustable outer edger (SP, SA, WA)
Blade end strike-off - to 6 in.(15cm) above or below blade edge For clean, sharp edges when lane paving or adding lifts to a base layer



Midland's 45 years of experience and over 1000 units produced make MIDLAND - "The Road Widener Specialist" 

Over 40 Dealers in North America with 100 locations allow service and support close to each Midland Road Widener user. 

From State DOT's to County Road Deptments and local DPW's, Midland can provide the right size machine to suit any Public Agency or Contractor.


Attachments to Self-Propelled units give the user more choices to get their work done. Fast to the job, fast on the job!

Company Information

Midland Machinery Co., Inc.
101 Cranbrook Ext.
Tonawanda, NY 14150
(716) 692-1200
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