Midland Machinery

The Road Widener Specialists

Model SP-10



Length: 20ft. 6in. (6.25m)
Width: 12ft 4in. (3.75m)
*11ft.2in. (3.71)for Transport
Height: 8ft. 3in. (2.5m)
Weight: 25500 lbs. (11,600 kg)
Wheel Base: 110in. (279cm)


John Deer 4045 TIER III diesel,
Turbo Charged 100hp.@2500 rpm.
Hydrostatic Traction Drive,
Two Speed Trans, - Low: 0-150 ft/min (46m/min)


0-11mph (18km/hr)
Front Wheel Drive and Front Wheel Steering,
(4) 425/65R22.5 Tires.


Left and Right side Discharge,
Roller Chain driven, heat and oil resistant Belt.
Dual motor, variable speed Hydraulic Drive
0 to 450ft/min. 137m/min


3 cu.yd. (2.3 cu.m),
Adjustable height Discharge Gates.


Standard Unit includes 2 blades,
Modular sections with a curved profile, 18in. (46cm) tall.
Spread Width: 10ft. (3.05m) max.
1 to 6ft. (1.83m), Hyd. Blade Ext. 2 to 4ft. (1.22m)

Hydraulic Grade and Slope

12in. (30.5cm) above to 12in. below grade.
Adjustable Outer Edger Plate,
Flexible Insider Edger Flap
Variable length blade Push Tube with Blade Stabilizer Brace
Single blade Sp-10 units available.


All Drive, Steering, Brake and Spreading functions are within easy reach.

Movable Control Station and Seat for Left hand or Right hand operation.
Locking Panel Covers and tool box.

Push Rollers

Self cleaning, pivoting, with extendable frame to 14in.(35cm)
*Optional hydraulic extension or truck hitch.

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Midland's 45 years of experience and over 1000 units produced make MIDLAND - "The Road Widener Specialist" 

Over 40 Dealers in North America with 100 locations allow service and support close to each Midland Road Widener user. 

From State DOT's to County Road Deptments and local DPW's, Midland can provide the right size machine to suit any Public Agency or Contractor.


Attachments to Self-Propelled units give the user more choices to get their work done. Fast to the job, fast on the job!

Company Information

Midland Machinery Co., Inc.
101 Cranbrook Ext.
Tonawanda, NY 14150
(716) 692-1200
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